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At Greensparks Technology, we're proud to supply efficient energy storage at an affordable price.

Greensparks Technology began when we noticed that Eneloop products were as not as well known in Australia as they deserved to be. Since they are the best rechargeable batteries available, we teamed up to supply and promote Eneloop products in Australia. We believe there’s many excellent reasons to choose these batteries, but three really stand out:

  • They're better - an Eneloop battery consistently performs better than ordinary alkalines and other rechargables, even in high drain devices like a camera flash or torch.
  • They reduce waste – one Eneloop battery can save 2100 ordinary batteries, which means less impact on the environment.
  • They’re cheaper – with 2100 recharge cycles, Eneloop batteries are extraordinarily cost-effective.

Our commitment is to help you run your devices as cheaply and reliably as possible. So whether you’re a fanatical photographer, a 4WD enthusiast, or just need a great battery, we're absolutely certain Eneloop batteries will never let you down.